24th March 2017
TAJ Santacruz (Grand Ballroom) | Mumbai

Live Webcast
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The Economic Times Iconic Brands of India
On 24th March, 2017, doyens from the marketing fraternity will come together to celebrate the Iconic Indian Brands and also engage in the most candid knowledge exchange platform to understand the genetics of successful brands.

For one of the fastest growing economies in the world, India somehow manages to show negligible presence in the list of top global brands. As Indian brands indulge in international expansion, achieving a global status now seems much more feasible than it was probably a decade ago.

The Iconic Brands of India will feature never heard before stories from indigenous brands and bring out anecdotes, examples and turning points from their stories, which will provide much needed inspiration for brand owners and custodians to take their story forward and also live up to the legacy respectively.
Key points of discussion
  • Brand recognition alone does not guarantee iconicity
  • Creating and sustaining a compelling Brand experience
  • The power of Purpose
  • Balance the authentic with the contemporary
  • Building your brand on Sound foundation
As Indian companies and brands nurture global ambitions, they are faced with a plethora of choices– and challenges. Understanding new markets, new sets of customers (with their own cultural nuances, functional and emotional needs), new channels and newer competitors can be a daunting task for the most seasoned brand owners.

Indian society is experiencing a fast transformation which is fundamentally influencing consumer needs and preferences and the role of brands. At the same time, significant global opportunities are emerging for Indian companies. To take advantage of these opportunities Indian brands have to constantly adjust its efforts to stay locally relevant, while increasing their global engagement. Any Indian brand that wants to become global has to consolidate world culture and universal standards and quality canons along with the local needs.

In today’s complex and busy world, brand names are everywhere—plastered all over websites, on railway and metro cars, on the sides of buses, and even in public places. But most of the time, even though they’re accepted as part of the scenery, these brand names don’t signify much to those who observe them.

Yet among the mindless white noise of modern marketing, a few brands stand out from the crowd. Admired and packed with meaning, these truly iconic brands inspire passion and fierce loyalty among their customers. They represent the gold standard of branding. Any marketer worth his salt would die to work with an iconic brand—or better yet, to help create one.

As the government’s ambitious “Make in India” initiative gains productive momentum, it is time to sit back and acknowledge the “Made in India” brands, which have stood firm in the winds of globalization and have truly become a part of our popular culture and day to day lives.
The Evening Program Format
Narratives from Iconic Brand Custodians – The leading and most outstanding brands have very interesting stories to tell. Listen to stories from the leading Indian made brands and identify paradigms which are applicable to your brand story

Fire Side Chat Session – Satisfy your voyeuristic needs as three iconic brand marketing experts engage in informal conversation about everything you need to know about iconic brands and their DNA

Flash Presentations – This session features quick 10 minute presentations from some of the Indian brands which are on the path of becoming iconic. They will talk about their Eureka moment and how are they doing things differently to stand out in a very competitive environment

International Perspectives – Through an interactive panel discussion, indigenous brand custodians will get to deliberate with their international counterparts on how to take Indian Brands global